It’s Not a Show

Nov 2 2016

It’s only two short weeks since Hillsong Worship’s Let There Be Light came out, carrying this song arsenal into the ether. I’ll never forget the particular night this photo was taken during Hillsong Conference a few short months ago as these new songs were being offered and captured. You can see Joel‘s head in his hands in this image. There was a brokenness. A cracked, desperate, trembling outpouring. If you have the DVD you can hear it in Joel’s voice and mine when we speak, barely holding it together. And I love that about the presence of God – that it isn’t a place where we need to be held together at all, but a place where we lay the broken pieces before Him and let Him come move them, reassemble them, transform them, remake them and remake us as He will. It’s not a show.

Brooke Ligertwood