Hillsong Creative Podcast Ep 059

Oct 1 2019

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How many videos have you watched in the last 24 to 48 hours? Between YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, TV, etc., chances are you’ve watched more videos than you can even remember. Thanks to screen media, the opportunity to reach and influence people in their everyday lives has probably never been greater for us as creatives in the Church.

In this episode, Rich interviews Ben Field, head of Hillsong’s Film and TV department and former director of popular Australian TV show “Home and Away”. Ben shares about the journey and lessons learnt from his professional career in the TV industry, and his passion to pioneer new avenues for the Church within the film industry. You’ll be inspired and challenged to see people’s lives transformed through the power of media and storytelling. To hear more from Ben and the Hillsong Film & TV team, go to hillsong.com/filmtv

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