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Mar 23 2021

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I like to name my years. We have done this as a family tradition for a while now… there’s been Alfred and Emile and Jesse.

But this year’s name isn’t my own. It’s one I stole from Reid and Caitie Wall who oversee our Mt Gravatt campus in Brisbane because, as it turns out, they are better at it than me.

They called 2021 ‘tumblehome’, and it resonated with me deeply.

‘What’s a tumblehome?’ I hear you ask. Good question!

You see a tumblehome is something built into those old twenty-foot-long Native American canoes, or into the base of a Viking ship. A tumblehome base arcs back in toward the centre, toward home, where you sit. Because of a tumblehome, when you lean over the boat into the water, the boat leans back, providing stability. The more you lean, the harder the boat works to stay upright. It creates a space that allows you as a rower to lean into the water and adapt to the fluidity of the conditions you find yourself in.

It made me think about what’s at our core as a team and as a people… and I kept finding myself coming back to what we want to be at the centre of our lives and I kept finding myself thinking of one word…


Worship is our tumblehome. It’s our stabilizer, the thing that keeps you upright, the impetus that keeps you moving fast through unknown territory and keeps your heart pliable, soft and malleable. When we keep Jesus in view, when our life is lived for Him, when He is magnified then we live from a place of security and where Christ’s righteousness qualifies us.

As a team we spend much of our lives in service. Giving and using our gifts for the glory of God, but I believe that the words of A.W. Tozer must reverberate in our community in 2021:

“God wants worshippers before workers; indeed the only acceptable workers are those who have learned the lost art of worship.”

Let’s throw ourselves into this lost art. Worship first, worship at our core, worship as our tumblehome and from that place everything else will flow.

Cass Langton


Watch or Listen to Cass’ full Team Night message below