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Let Hope Rise Day 4: Lifting Your Hands

Sep 3 2016

“Sometimes all they need is to see someone lifting their hands.” – Taya Smith

Hillsong United travels the world, making music and filling arenas. Still, the heart behind everything the band does has always been leading others in a worshipful experience that connects them with Jesus in a personal way. If you’ve ever been to a Hillsong United worship night, you understand that there’s something extraordinary about a shared worship experience.

When thousands of people corporately respond to the presence of God, an almost tangible sense of community and unity is created. Our response should always be to want to involve as many people in this experience as possible.

Most of us probably have individuals who helped us strengthen our relationship with God during the beginning of our journey with him. Similarly, when we worship, we set example for others to follow. In this light, worship can be seen as an act that not only glorifies God but also disciples his people.

Even the simple act of lifting our hands in praise and surrender to God—one that might be second nature to us now—can help create an atmosphere in which others feel free to do the same. We should never forget the impact our actions can have on others; the freedom our worship can ignite in those around us.


  1. Did you have someone help you grow early in your walk with God? How did they do this?
  2. How did seeing others worship God freely help you learn to worship God yourself?
  3. Who are the people most directly affected by your example? How are you intentionally giving them example to follow? How can you lift that example?


Father, thank you for the people you put in my life who helped me grow in my walk with you. By your Spirit, help me to set an example for the people you have placed around me, so they can grow as well. Amen.

1 Corinthians 11:1
Psalm 145:4
Hebrews 10:24