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Let Hope Rise Day 7: Grounded

Sep 6 2016

We sing about how much we love God, and we talk about how much we want to change the world. But you can actually do it.”  – J.D.

Hillsong United leads tens of thousands of people in worship on any given night. Millions sing their songs every weekend. Gaining such prominence and popularity, the team undoubtedly has to continually keep their motivation aligned with the heart of God.

The same can be said for all believers. When we diligently seek God and follow the unique plans he has for our lives, we step into realms of supernatural blessing. And blessed people tend to draw attention from others. While attention itself isn’t negative, how we handle it can affect us negatively. If we forget to practice what we preach, allowing praise from people to become more important than approval from God, we lessen the impact of that which we preach.

Likewise, we must resist the temptation to rest on the applause of the crowd so that we can continue to please God himself. We should never let the result of our obedience become more important than our obedience itself.


  1. When people give us praise or applause for a job well done, what are some appropriate ways of responding?
  2. People tend to love authentic, down-to-earth and genuine people. How do we stay grounded whilst pursuing a big life of excellence and impact for God?
  3. When we practice what we preach, what effect does it have on those around us?


Father, thank you for blessing me in more ways than I can possibly imagine. Give me a spirit that seeks to glorify your name above all others. Help me to authentically love you, love people and love life. Amen.

Matthew 5:16
Galatians 1:10
James 4:6