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My Story: I found my voice, my heart and a willingness to dream big

Apr 8 2021

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My story WAS one of rebellion, rejection, crippling shyness and an overwhelming fear of life and of people. I’ve tried living life my own way more times than I can count. Deep inside I always believed God created me with purpose, but I had no idea how to live it out or where I belonged. 

All it took was one step in the doorways of Hillsong Church Newcastle and one decision to give my life to Christ that changed the whole trajectory of my life. 

It’s in church I found belonging and boldness. I discovered my calling, purpose and passion! It’s where I met lifelong friends that became family. It’s my place of refuge, a safe haven. I met mentors and leaders that champion me, sow vision into me and believe in me. I found my voice, my heart and a willingness to dream big. It’s given me the ability to grow, to lead, to build and to be a part of something that is honestly SOOOO much bigger then myself. 

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it is my GREATEST privilege and BIGGEST honour to be a part of this house. It may not be perfect, nor is it a place that requires perfection. It’s real, it’s raw — it’s a “come as you are” environment. It’s home. 

Thank you Brian and Bobbie for paving the way! Thank you Sanga and Ketty for leading the way you guys do 🖤

They say home is where the heart is and Hillsong Church certainly has mine.