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My Story: I think we are the happiest, most love-filled family I know

Apr 8 2021

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Hi, my name is Nicci and this is my family.

It’s not the picture perfect family I dreamed of and it’s been a journey, but I think we are the happiest, most love-filled family I know.

We moved to Queensland 7 and half years ago and found ourselves in church.

We are grateful for the people we are surrounded by, the friends we’ve made and the family we’ve gained by being a part of a church community like Hillsong on the Sunshine Coast.

We love Jesus and we love being a part of a church that strives to make a difference, locally and globally.

We are inspired by and grateful for the leadership of our global pastors Brian and Bobbie.

And we are proud to be a part of the wider Hillsong family.

Church is definitely meant to be enjoyed, not endured and we get this experience every single week while being taught beautiful biblical truth.

We are reminded that we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

And we say, “Bring it on!” (Even though some of us could use some new and improved hands and feet, and eyes for that matter!! #keepingitreal