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The Backyard Kitchen Saving Lives

Dec 11 2020

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Hillsong Africa Foundation (HAF) share with us a story of a remarkable couple, Elizabeth and Robert, and how what they had in their hand became a catalyst for blessing for a whole community.

We met Elizabeth and her husband Robert through our Love-in-the-Line campaign when they approached us for food support for their community kitchen.

They are from Masiphumele, a community just outside of Cape Town. Our team first visited them in June, where we found them cooking food in their backyard and desperately trying to meet the growing hunger needs evident in the community in which they lived.

Every day, they serve over 200 children and adults from their kitchen and deliver food to the vulnerable and sick in the community from their 2m x 1m kitchen set up in a home.

They were personally funding the ingredients and gas supplies and trying to logistically manage supplies for their kitchen was becoming a huge challenge.

HAF has been able to offer Elizabeth and Robert ongoing food relief support through lockdown to enable them to continue cooking and meeting the needs within their community.

We seem to arrive just in time whenever we visit, as their tireless efforts mean that their supplies are rarely around very long.

They are incredibly humble Community Heroes and our partnership and relationship that has developed over this time and the support HAF has been able to give to them over lockdown has helped ease the burden and negative effects of Covid-19 in their community.

Further to this, when one of our church congregation members heard about the phenomenal work that Robert and Elizabeth were doing, they pledged to further assist this great initiative by installing a fully functioning kitchen so that there would be greater ease and enable Robert and Elizabeth to do even more.

It just goes to show, when we each simply bring what we have and play our part, as little  it may seem, wonderful things can happen.