The God Of Your Father

4 янв 2011

Wow, so I just read Gen 26:24 which is God speaking to Isaac and saying 'I am the God of Abraham your father; don't fear a thing because I am with you.'

What kind of life must I live for God to be able to say that to my kids?

In every healthy family you will find kids wanting to be like their parents. Julia and I do have the most amazing children – 2 of them. We love spending time with them and I think its obvious that they love spending time with us.

My daughter has just finished building her first website and I'm so proud of her. I was doing some proof-reading for her before uploading it and noticed she had said “my dad likes to go surfing”.

Now she is 100% right! I do like to go surfing and have enjoyed it this last 25yrs. It must rub off on my family because they all surf.

We are often at the beach together as a family, but I have been stirred this morning to make sure that my kids clearly see my friendship with Jesus as well.

What areas can I make more obvious?
How can I involve them more?

I know there will be a day where they have to trust God and rely on Him for themselves, and on that day I want God to be able to say to them:

'Don't be afraid, I am the God of your father'