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What's the story behind the knickers?

20 июль 2011

I love doing life with incredible people and the Colour Sisterhood is one major highway for connecting with phenomenal, like minded people. Recently a group of pastors from across Europe were drawn together through the collective Sisterhood and united in friendship and cause we went to visit our friend, Marilyn Skinner, from Watoto Church, Uganda and the country office for Compassion Uganda.

It's always a good thing to arrive at friends with a gift – so we spread the word among our respective 'Sisterhoods' and bought with us 1,000's of knickers to give women both young and old and several boxes of yummy Scottish shortbread for the wonderful and devoted staff of Compassion to share around.

So what's the story behind the knickers??

You may have heard Marilyn telling us over Colour about a self-sustaining business, largely run by ladies sponsored through Living Hope, of producing sanitary pads. After this panel session she made the casual comment that “sanitary pads are only ever useful if you have underwear”. So I thought as girls from Norway, Holland, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, England (Newcastle, Norwich, London) we could help out there.

While in Gulu we joined with people from Watoto Church to visit a school and talk to girls ages between 10-12 years about personal hygiene, how to manage their periods, how valuable they are to God and how vital it is they stay in school and finish their education! Along with handing out sanitary pads we gave them all new knickers ………so simple but the potential is mind blowing!!!!

For starters : wearing a pair of knickers means they are less likely to be raped, managing their periods effectively means they have a far higher chance of staying in school, which leads to a greater sense of self worth, which leads to greater opportunity for employment, which leads to greater capacity to raise their own families well and in the long term transforming a community!

Back to the 11year old girls……….they were beautiful, understandably a little shy (girls are no different all over the world) but very curious and interested in what was being shared with them. Watoto Church will now return once a month and build an ongoing relationship with these girls.

Such a privilege, as the Sisterhood, to come alongside Watoto Church and Living Hope and make the world a better place by sharing things that will last forever… hope and love

Cathy xx

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