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Hillsong Conference: 31,000 Children Sponsored

2 сент 2011

At the Hillsong Europe Conference 2011, Compassion UK’s CEO, Ian Hamilton, took to the stage to thank Hillsong for such a significant part in their mission to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Here’s what Ian has to say about this amazing partnership.

I’ve had the privilege of leading Compassion UK for the past 11 years and for the majority of that time we’ve had an incredible partnership with Hillsong Church.

In July at the Hillsong Europe Conference we honoured a remarkable achievement to BrianBobbieGary and Cathy of 31,000 children being sponsored through the Hillsong Church network and the conferences since 2002.

When we honoured Hillsong at the O2 I think there were about 4,000 in attendance and I asked the audience to imagine 4,000 kids living in poverty sitting there and then think of that eight times over. When you put it in that context it’s even more remarkable.

Back in 2002 Gary had been running the London church for a few years. I think one of the wonderful things about the partnership between Compassion and Hillsong is that Hillsong don’t want to reinvent the wheel. So they did some homework and figured that they wanted to work with Compassion.

All great organisations have to have visionary leadership and clearly this was a remarkable vision.

One of the better definitions of poverty that I’ve heard is that it’s the absence of choice. We all have choice in our lives in the affluent world, but children in poverty don’t have a choice. So what has happened as a result of this partnership, which we’re so grateful for at Compassion, is that a remarkable number of life-changing opportunities have been given to children in need and that’s so important to us.

So on behalf of everyone at Compassion I want to say thank you again to the whole Hillsong church family for being such wonderful support and encouragement, for me personally, and to the whole of Compassion.

Ian Hamilton
(CEO Compassion UK)

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Ian Hamilton CEO of Compassion UK talks about how Compassion and Hillsong partnership has impacted the community over the last few years.