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Tembaletu Project Update

1 сент 2011

Just over a month ago we had the privilege of seeing the first children move into the accommodation at Tembaletu.

There was much anticipation on this very special day! There are so many highlights from the what happened but here's a few that really stood out…

Meeting some mums…
I was privileged to meet a few of the mothers whose kids have been given beds at Tembaletu – you could not wipe the smiles off their faces. They kept wanting to thank me & 'Hillsong' for this beautiful opportunity for their children. I asked if they would miss them not being at home, they said yes but we will come and visit and they will be home on weekends. They described how this Tembaletu Home can give their children what they can't and help them to fulfill their dreams…

Seeing the community…
So many local people of the Gugulethu township came for the celebration. They were singing, dancing and again filled with gratitude to those who contributed to this project. As one local man said, 'Our children need this, our country needs more of this to happen, we CAN do good together…'

Hugging the kids…
As the bell for the end of school rang, the first kids made their way along the brand new footpath, past the beautiful new garden, into their new HOME! Some of them hobbled in, some were pushed in wheelchairs by friends, all of them were filled with so much JOY and laughter! I have never seen bigger smiles as they proudly showed off their new beds, complete with brightly colored doona covers. It was a very emotional moment and a couple of times I had to hold back the tears…this dream has become real! God has stirred the hearts of many from across the globe and now the reality of this 'idea' is actually happening before our eyes. A legacy that will last for many generations, showing what can be done when people decide to focus not on themselves but on the needs of others…

A BIG BIG Thank you!!! To all who contributed to Phase 1 of the Tembaletu Accommodation for physically disabled kids in the Gugulethu Township of Cape Town, thank you. And please continue to support us as we look towards Phase 2 & continue to provide the ongoing costs associated with making Tembaletu a special place
for every child!


For more information on the Tembaletu Project and how you can get involved please visit