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Mumbai Madness

18 окт 2011

Well, I am sitting in the Bandera slum in Mumbai in the dirt next to the Vision Rescue bus. Class is just about to start and the kids are coming from everywhere – notebooks in hand and plates and cups too.

The next 90 minutes will consist of a lesson in basic maths, some literature, a bit of English and some songs followed by a plate full of curry and rice for each student.

The student will then take the curry home with them and feed their whole family.

Mumbai has 300,000 kids who live on the street in some form of temporary dwelling, the situations you encounter in one day here are enough to motivate you to be a part of the answer for the rest of your life.

I'm here with a group of our Kingdom Builders who are here to see a bit of what they have been contributing to over the last number of years. It's a privilege to be able to show them the great work we are a part of, it’s been so fruitful.

Mumbai Street Kids: Hillsong CollectedDarren Kitto in Mumbai: Hillsong Collected
Mumbai Girl: Hillsong CollectedGary Clarke in Mumbai: Hillsong Collected

Vision Rescue focuses on non-formal education with the goal of getting enough passion for education into the kids so that they have a desire to enter school full time and continue the journey.

Next year, 400 of the 1200 kids we work with are enrolled for school – it's the biggest success story and I love it!

Approximately one hour ago a lady asked me to take her newborn baby out of here with me, and that is just the sort of thing that makes me realise how seriously oppressive poverty is!

There is a way for you to be involved in what we are doing; by being a part of the Hillsong Foundation. Hillsong Foundation is the way that we, as a church, support all of the social justice work we do – both locally and globally.

Gary Clarke our Hillsong Church London Pastor was talking about helping here and he said the following, “I can ask myself, what difference can I make, it's like me standing under a waterfall with a cup and trying to stop the flow of water, it's impossible. But if there are enough people standing under the waterfall with cups, we can stop the flow.”

Together we can do so much more than we can individually.

Let's do it,
Darren Kitto