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Street Teams: More Than Mowing Lawns

10 ноябрь 2011

When students see their fieldwork allocation listed as Street Teams, no one can really explain what that means. When asking “What is Street Teams?”, the classic and common answers are “You knock on doors and chat to people”, or “You mow lawns in the community”. I am no exception to this rule, and it’s interesting that even now, after almost two years serving on Street Teams, it’s hard to put into words the experience of being ‘Jesus’ hands and feet’ by visiting low income housing areas, ‘bringing light’ to streets where police sirens blare throughout the night, and standing on doorsteps of people who might not have had a positive or healthy conversation all week.

We ask God to break our heart for what breaks His, and every weekend when I arrive in my area complete with shattered glass in the streets, a stray dog running around, and sometimes the sounds of heated arguments, I can honestly say my heart breaks. 

I’ve realized how comfortable we can get in our daily lives, in our comfortable homes, building our healthy relationships; yet so close by, there are people struggling to believe there is anything good in the world.

For me, that is the incredible opportunity Street Teams has provided me with; a green T-Shirt that tells a community – we’re here, we’re coming to see you, and we will endure anything (pouring rain, intense heat, even aggressive dogs) to spend some time with you, offering whatever we have in our hands; a mower to fix a lawn, extra energy to run around with kids, or just a smile to offer comfort. Whatever it is, we are intent on placing value on you, and demonstrating God’s love for His children. 

It has been an absolute honour, to serve God and a community, in a simple but powerful way. 

(Hillsong College Student)

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