When Kingdoms Collide

17 апр 2014

“The Saviour alone

Carried the cross

For all of my debts

He paid the cost

Salvation complete

Forever I’m free

Calvary covers it all”

– Calvary, new song from Hillsong Worship

The lyrics to this song depict so beautifully the grace and mercy that we find at the foot of the cross of Christ – the day our Saviour paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Yet, ‘beauty’ was nowhere to be found on the day Jesus died. 

The Bible tells us that the sky darkened as the Roman soldiers cast lots beneath the cross.  That as Jesus suffered – bruised and bleeding on death’s door – the open wounds from His beating and the deep gashes from the crown on His head, were a horrific sight to behold.

In the midst of His suffering; it was on that cross and in that moment that Heaven and Earth collided – that Jesus commit His Spirit into the hands of His Heavenly Father and that the Kingdom of Heaven invaded our earthly kingdom on a hill called Calvary.

Theologians have long described Heaven as being where God is ‘fully’. The message of the incarnation is the message of Heaven coming to Earth through the person of Jesus. Jesus – first through His birth ‘when the Word became flesh’ and then through His death and resurrection – brought forth the greatest collision of Heaven and Earth in history.

In Matthew 6:10 Jesus instructs us that we are to pray for the Father’s will ‘on earth as it is in heaven’. This was the very vocation of Jesus and it is to be ours also. 

Though we all can encounter immense trouble in this world, it is at Easter that our prayers for ‘Heaven to come to Earth’ should be even more fervent.  Prayers, that in a current ‘kingdom’ of violence, Jesus would bring peace.  In a ‘kingdom’ of injustice, Jesus would bring righteousness.  In a ‘kingdom’ of arrogance, Jesus would teach us humility.  In a ‘kingdom’ of oppression, Jesus would bring equality. In a ‘kingdom’ of sickness, Jesus would bring healing and wholeness.  And in a ‘kingdom’ of hate and tension – He would teach us to love, as He first loved us.

What would it look like if we really lived in the ‘overlap’ of Heaven on Earth?  It is through Jesus that Heaven has come to us. At the cross, the veil was torn, representing that the presence of God (Heaven) and Earth are no longer separate. Through the work of Calvary, this crossover of Heaven and Earth has been made permanent – yet still partial until Jesus returns. And in this great collision through the cross, we can find true life, we can find healing and we can find eternal hope and salvation. Though He was broken – we are made whole.

This is our great future hope, but also a very present hope indeed.

Tomorrow, we recognise the work of salvation that Jesus did on the cross. And on Easter Sunday we celebrate the continued work of Christ in our lives as we gather to rejoice in His resurrection. 

“Heaven and Earth collide

The Saviour for everyone has come

Bringing the dead to life

All for the glory of Your Name”

– Heaven and Earth, new song from Hillsong Worship.

May your Easter weekend be filled with the knowledge that Jesus Christ is alive. That His Spirit is at work in your life and the life of those around you.  May you experience the overlap of Heaven and Earth as you celebrate the gift of salvation and the miracle of His resurrection.

With love,


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