Team Night Messages for Your Team

22 сент 2015

These are some messages that our leaders have shared recently at Team Nights. Each of them have helped to shape the heart and culture of our worship team. We’ve hand-picked them for you, as just like us you to pursue Christ in everything.

I pray that as you listen to these messages, you might hear God speaking to you!


The Imagineers” by Cass Langton

Pathway to Wonder” by Jad Gillies

Clean Hands, Pure Heart” by Annie Garratt

“Uncommon” by Cass Langton

Taking Ground” by Annie Garratt

“Freedom Sings” by Ben Fielding

“Not Taking Things For Granted” by Rich Langton

“Made to Last” by Autumn Hardman

“Mediocrity” by Jad Gillies

“Weathered Hearts & Vagabonds” by Cass Langton