Our Top Blogs For Anyone On A Worship Team

8 окт 2015

Here are the top blogs that some of our leaders have written, from the heart and culture of our team. We’ve hand-picked them for you and your creative team, to inspire and equip you as you lead your church in worship.

We pray that they’re a blessing to you!

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The 100 Day Creative Challenge
“The 100 day creative challenge is a choice. It’s a line in the sand, a dedicated period of time.” – Cass Langton

Seasons & Opportunity
“Sometimes it feels like just when you’ve found your stride, things change again.” – Annie Garratt


ONE. Worship Team Tips for Everyone
“As Christians, prioritise your relationship with the Lord! Be someone who brings depth & authenticity to the platform.” – Cass Langton

TWO. 25 Confessions of a Worship Team
“We know that our mandate is to be worshippers – always, in everything, wherever we are.” – Autumn Hardman

THREE. Creating a Worshipful Environment
“Our churches must be environments of worship. But most importantly, let us never forget Who it is we worship.” – Brian Houston

FOUR. Diversity On The Platform
“We need all of us to lead all of us.” – Cass Langton

FIVE. The Platform: Leading from Wherever You Are
“The platform should be an overflow of the leadership and passion for Christ that already exists within us!” – Autumn Hardman

SIX. 10 Commitments of the Hillsong Worship Team
“They are attitudes and commitments that we gladly encourage and expect of each other on our own team and we think they are vital for any worship team!”

SEVEN. How You Can Help Your Creative Pastor
“We are all in this together, equally carrying the load.” – Cass Langton

EIGHT. What is Excellence?
“Excellence is not a set level of quality or perfectionism.” – Matt Hann

NINE. Building a Healthy Worship Culture
“Worship is a stance of the heart, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s reflected in every area of our lives.” – JD (Jonathan Douglass)

TEN. “Week One”: How To Maintain Creativity
“The original ‘Week One’ in Genesis begins with God’s skill and ends with man’s work.” – Robert Fergusson


Team Night Messages for Your Team (Download)
These are some messages that our leaders have shared recently at Team Nights. Each of them have helped to shape the heart and culture of our worship team. You can download and share them with your own team!

How to Play Our Songs
Lyrics and chord charts to help you play our latest songs.