African Cultural Night

20 июнь 2016

Hillsong Church sets a perfect stage for unity in diversity. The cultural ministry at the Hills campus is always buzzing with fun and activity bringing people from various ethnic backgrounds under the Kingdom culture banner.

On May 27th the Hub undercroft was exploding with laughter and excitement. People from various countries within the African continent walked in with huge containers packed with traditional delicacies that filled the venue with mouthwatering aromas. From Ugandans to Nigerians, South Africans to Kenyans, we lost count of the number of nations that people represented from the African continent.

After a brief welcome from our cultural Pastor Kim Brinsden, the night was lined up with a lot of fun activities and performances. As people continued to gorge on the delectable cuisines, Sarah Gerald one of the third-year Hillsong college students, serenaded the crowd with her acoustic songs. Soon after that melodic start, Suzan Mutesi put the crowd in a frantic frenzy with her hilarious hosting and amplified it with some fun icebreakers.

Even as the crowd’s laughter fit finally started to settle, they were all up on their feet again, doing what they love most – ‘dance’. The DJ turned on some fun African remixes and the result was quite enthralling. Men, women, youth and kids, were all unleashing a veiled energy that they clearly were suppressing from the start of event. It looked like all of them were such natural dancers even as they swayed and moved to every beat, free from any apprehension or reluctance.

The night reluctantly concluded when volunteers gathered the group for a closing picture and Ps. Kim finished with a word of prayer.

Cultural nights are definitely a highlight at Hillsong church, where we celebrate the diversity of our church, and realize the unique characteristics they bring into the body of Christ.

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