Asian Cultural Night 2016

25 июль 2016

On the 24th of June, our third cultural event of the year was held by the Asian community of Hillsong Church. The unusually icy winter winds couldn’t extinguish the excitement as many people from different backgrounds arrived carrying armloads of hot dishes and sweet treats for the massive pot-luck feast.

There were people from all generations there – the statesman-like elders, young professionals, and little girls running around wearing vibrant hanbok (traditional Korean dress). While people indulged on the array of food, some of our Korean college students sang acoustic versions of popular Korean songs. A group from our Filipino community proudly sang a song in Tagalog commemorating Philippine Independence Day while wearing elegant traditional garments.

Our Cultural Pastor, Kim Brinsden, shared a message about the strength of our community and encouraged us that, just as the Lord called Abraham to another land for a purpose, so too did He call those of us on a migrant journey for a purpose.

The evening ended on a sugar high as the desserts were brought out, and people continued to make new friendships and reinvigorate old ones. One of the great things our Cultural Nights does is that it genuinely showcases the unity within our diversity; no matter the language or background, all of us build Kingdom culture together.

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