NATIONAL YOUTH WEEK: "Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You!"

6 апр 2017

As a part of National Youth Week we will be celebrating the unique identity of youth alongside the rest of Australia.

This term as a youth ministry we are talking about the topic, “I AM ________” which is to encourage young people on the journey of discovering their unique “IDENTITY”.

The question of who am I? Is one that we all have to answer at some point in our lives, no matter the age we are.

In response to the question “who am I?” we often tell young people to, “just be yourself’!” This is easy to say but often many young people are truly challenged to articulate who they are, in a society where discovering their identity can often involve many layers which all affect their sense of self.

These layers can be anything from school, influence of friendships; expectations of family (whether low or high), and of course the media. At times the pressure to keep face amongst classmates or to give in to peer pressure and others expectations can create a barrier to discovering one’s true IDENTITY. Often it can seem easier to hide behind people, places or even things such as social media, fashion and makeup or even sporting involvement to portray the perfect ‘image.” Last year Mission Australia released their national youth survey and for the second year in a row “body image’ was highlighted as one of the top three major personal concerns by young people in our community. This proves that ‘image’ and learning to be comfortable in their own skin is one that largely affects their every day world.

So, how do we discover our IDENTITY and learn to be confident enough to share it with the world around us?


1. Be Brave –It is a choice to daily step out and say “I am BRAVE”.  Sometimes true bravery is being ourselves and choosing to be okay with who we are on the inside.  As you make the quiet choice to be brave, every day  – slowly but surely it will grow your confidence and it won’t be long before everyone see’s the true YOU.

2. Be Bold – Bravery is a daily decision that builds our courage to be BOLD and confident on the outside! As you choose to be brave you will soon be bold enough to share who you are with others too. Your daily bravery and boldness will encourage others around you to do the same.

3. Be You – There is no one else in this universe that can be YOU. You were created to look the way you do and think the way you do for a purpose. If you choose to be brave and bold as you discover who you are… slowly but surely you know the answer to the question of  “I AM BRAVE”, I AM BOLD, I AM YOU———NIQUE! (“unique”).

HYS (Hillsong Youth Services) will be involved in Youth Week activities across Australia from the 31st March – 9th April 2017.

If you would like to join us check out our instagram @hillsongyouthservices or send an email to: [email protected].

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