The Place Where ‘Good Vibes Only’ Lives

8 июнь 2017

“Good Vibes Only” or “No Bad Vibes”.

As a teenager did you ever feel that ‘everyday’ life can often be a daily grind?

When the bell rings at the end of the school day and you find yourself aimless in the window of time that lies before you. You don’t want to succumb to the pile of homework that you have to plough through and all you really want is to hang out with your friends, and do something fun.

As Generation ‘Y’ we know all about “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out). The desire to be a part of everything that is going on with your ”crew” and find ways to be part of the exciting world of ‘new’ things that are happening.

The danger of creating our own ‘fun’ is that we often end up hanging out in places that disrupt others that can lead to “a bad vibe” for the community around us, and the people we are with, like daring our friends to do things for the sake of a “good time”.

As a youth worker I am constantly hearing about youth creating problems in local shopping centers by loitering in public spaces. Our team has been asked to “intervene” time and time again by creating “distractions” in order to stop the “problem.” However, from our experience this approach is simply a Band-Aid solution, that does not address the root causes of the reasons why young people loiter in the first place.

After spending months in meetings trying to fix this “problem” our team chose to listen to the youth and together we dreamt up a way to give the youth what they truly want. A safe place! A place where they can hang out after school, that’s different – a place where they have plenty great activities to keep them busy, a place where there were “no bad vibes”, only good ones. A healthy community of youth who are “young and free; free to be who they are, free to never have ‘FOMO’ again!

So welcome to GVO or ‘Good Vibes Only.’ If you live in the Sydney Hills local area, come join us at The Den’ in the Hillsong Epicentre building every Thursday from 3pm onwards, it is a place where everyone who is in high school is welcome to come. There are lots of sporting activities, games and hang out spaces to make new friends – As well as the opportunity to get to know our amazing youth workers.

If you need a ride we also have a free GVO bus ready to pick you up directly outside your school, or at your local bus stop and drop you back afterwards. All you need to do is fill out our parent/guardian permission form and we can start hanging out together! Or better yet, ask your parent/guardian to drop you there after school and pick you up right in time for dinner! If you want to find out more about this you can email [email protected] – we can’t wait to see you, and promise it’s going to be a GOOD time!