On the Front Lines: Preemptive Love Coalition

8 окт 2017

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As a church we have endeavoured to respond to the ongoing and devastating crisis in Syria and the surrounding region. The Syrian conflict and its spill-over into Iraq is the deadliest conflict of the 21st Century thus far. As Pastor Bobbie has said to our church family, “We actually have to do something. We have to; there’s no choice.”

The Hillsong Foundation is partnering with Preemptive Love Coalition who are on the front lines of this conflict, providing essential relief for families. Pastor Brian explains, “They are tangibly there so it’s quick, it’s direct, it’s pure, and it’s effective.”

Learn more in the video below.


Preemptive Love Coalition’s motto is, “first in, last to leave” and they mean it, sticking around after the bombs stop falling to support families in the rebuilding effort. Through relationship-based programming, refugees are equipped through training, support and small business grants so they can remake what was destroyed, rebuild their lives, and provide for their families long-term.

To find out about the range of initiatives supported by the Foundation and how to contribute, visit the Foundation website.