Rose’s Story: A21 Thailand

8 окт 2017

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Rose* grew up in Cambodia near the Thai border and as a young girl was trafficked into Thailand and sexually exploited. Through partnership among local community members, law enforcement and A21 Thailand, Rose was rescued and is now safe in a loving family.

Watch Rose’s story below.

A21 Thailand exists for children like Rose. The A21 SAFE Repatriation Program in Thailand was initiated in response to the significant level of trafficking occurring in Thailand and the Mekong region. Thailand is a source, transit, and destination country for trafficking of children, women, and men and the Thai sex industry employs approximately 150,000 to 200,000 girls and women, including children from Thailand, Burma, Laos, and Cambodia (World Health Organisation).

The A21 Thailand program has facilitated collaboration with government and local NGO’s in countries of the Mekong region to identify trafficked children, provide any needed services, and reintegrate them safely back into families and communities who will provide ongoing support.



Through the Hillsong Foundation we are able to partner with A21 Thailand and help to create more stories of restoration for children like Rose.

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