Nandhini's Story (Vision Rescue)

15 февр 2018

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Nine-year-old Nandhini from the slums of Chedanagar, Mumbai, walked into the Vision Rescue mobile Dental Clinic with pain and sensitivity in her teeth. Both of Nandhini’s parents are daily wage labourers and struggle to make ends meet. Despite a great desire to educate their four children, they didn’t have the means to send them all to school.

Vision Rescue teaching staff met with Nandhini’s family and encouraged them to send their children to the Vision Rescue bridging education program. The children were excited to attend the Bus Program, which was a ray of hope for the family.

As a result of consistent follow-up and support from the Vision Rescue team, all four children have now been enrolled in formal schooling.

The Dental Team provided treatment for Nandhini – fillings for her decayed molars and extractions of the retained deciduous teeth that were causing pain. She has now recovered and is currently enjoying grade 4 at school.

The youngest of Nandhini’s siblings was found to have impaired speech due to Ankyloglossia, or “tongue-tie”, for which surgery has been advised. The Vision Rescue Medical Team is following up on the case.

Being in school not only keeps Nandhini and her siblings off the streets and safer from exploitation but also helps to ensure a brighter future for their family.

Your giving to the Hillsong Foundation helps to support Vision Rescue reach hundreds of children like Nandhini and their families, connecting them to services that ultimately serve the goal of education, which brings hope and over time, transformation!


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