India-Sri Lanka meet 2018

15 май 2018

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It was an evening to look forward to, the volunteers arrived early, the stage was prepared, the sound was being checked, the chairs were set up and the worship team got everything in place and began their rehersal.

It was a weekday, but was good to see many being punctual and so involved.  Pastor Kim and her team welcomed all the guests and ushered people in and guided them to their seats. Anyone looking at this group would know that there was a rich culture being exhibited as every individual was dressed in their best traditional attire. It was an evening  packed with warmth and friendliness indeed!

The ‘Welcome to the Srilanka – India Meet’ was done in many languages, including Tamil, Malyalam, and Hindi stirring emotions in the crowd, with an expectation for more. The Worship session brought every person singing praises together in various Indian dialects as one family in Christ.

The dances that followed clearly brought out the magnificent cultural traditions and gave everyone present an opportunity to have a glimpse of the uniqueness and diversity in God’s Creation. The music and dance created a relaxed and a joyful atmosphere which was followed by a time of praying for urgent needs.

‘This was a powerful evening for me personally, as I have been longing to meet people from my community ever since I landed in Australia a few months ago. I was heading home after work last night, when a Hillsong Church member introduded herself to me in the bus and asked me to join her today. What an absolute God moment” shared one of the attendees.

It was certainly an evening of sharing life stories and making new connections. The conversations continued as people moved to the dining area.

The lavish array of food was arranged beautifully, the natural ingredients and spices in the food were giving out appetizing aromas and yes, everyone was lining up to get their share of delicious food. There was a huge spread of various varieties of Chicken, Vegetables, Pulses, Salads, Yogurt etc. in addition to a choice of cool drinks. It was a time of tasting different cuisines and everyone kept coming back to get a second helping of their favourite food. After that huge course, there was more – dessert was served; Fresh fruit and Cake.

Thanks to Pastor Kim and the cultural team for all the effort they put in to make this evening possible. This evening certainly brought cultures together, created a sense of belonging, helped people make new connections and experience the joy of coming together as one uhfamily.