Supporting Your Study

19 дек 2018

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Not everyone of us who gets the opportunity to study at Hillsong College comes having the full amount of finance needed. While it is incredible that some have the means to study without working, the reality is the majority of our students find themselves working at some point during their course, whether it be part-time during term or full-time during College breaks and holidays.

Working while doing College can create a real sense of ownership for your studies. Because it costs you time, effort, and money every lecture, tutorial, or ministry training opportunity will mean that much more. Additionally, working while studying will actively prepare you for ministry. Not everyone gains a ministry position right away, and graduates sometimes find themselves working while volunteering at their local church in order to pursue what God has for them. Students who have already had experience balancing study and work have a distinct advantage.

Of course, we encourage our students to work and save as much as they can before coming. But you shouldn’t let the fact that you don’t have the total amount of funding upfront stop you from joining us today. Many of our students find parttime work – as long as they are willing to do the hard yards and look without being too particular (For example, if you only want to apply to work at the Apple store and nowhere else, you’re going to have a tough time finding work!). If you get creative and send out your resumé to a variety of employers you’re bound to gain employment.

Either way, if you’ve spent the last couple of years working and saving up to come to College, or your planning on working while studying with us – or both – your experience at College isn’t going to be hindered. Time management, resource management, and finding a balance between work, study, ministry and play is just one aspect of your development here at Hillsong College. Don’t let your worries about having enough stop you from following God’s call on your life.

Here are some helpful tips for finding employment while you’re at College:

  • A great website that you can use to look for jobs is
  • A great resume is essential for making a good impression with a future employer. Browse pre-made templates of resumes for the ones that look professional and the best. Keep it to two pages, single sided. Don’t let your resume be too text heavy and break up the details with bullet points. Choose a font that reads well digitally as well as on print. Most important of all, adapt your resume based on where you’re applying to.
  • For small or locally owned business go in and have a chat with the manager but keep in mind that most chains recruit exclusively online.