Revival is in the Air

18 февр 2019

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Revival is in the air.

It’s a pretty bold statement.

Revival literally means to re-vive, to make alive again and in a Christian context it means “an awakening” or “a coming back to things of God” and the knowledge of His presence amongst us.

When you look at history, revival often conjures images of huge crowds, of healings, miracles, people on their knees or prostrate on the floor, an almost tangible sense of expectation visible through the imagery. Through the ministries of people like the late Billy Graham, William and Catherine Booth, or the Wesley brothers the Church expanded both in numbers and in experience.

But let’s not forget that those were ordinary people living normal lives. Going to work, eating and sleeping, everyday lives. Do we get so caught up in our own realities, what seems mundane, that we fail to recognise the work of God in our “here and now”?

Do we sense the revival that’s brewing?

Are we expectant for what the Lord wants to do in our lives, just like he did in those lives of normal people in history?

What if we, Hillsong Church, became determined to see the a revival spirit move in and through our church, and THE CHURCH of Jesus Christ today? I believe that if we all wholeheartedly commit to this, this year we will see revival not only as a community but also in our personal lives.

Revival in finances, in relationships, in healing and the miraculous, and above all a renewed desperation for God to move in and through us, a more enriched relationship with Christ and a more attuned walk with the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives.

Can you see it?

Can you feel the hovering expectation?

Revival is in the air!


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