There is More in Motion

6 авг 2019

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Lifelong learning allows people to continually grow and develop[5], opening up opportunities for an improved quality of life and provides them with a greater understanding of the world around them. We believe that by investing into people through education, training and gatherings, we will see strong, capable individuals thriving in all areas of life; effectively leading and contributing to their families, communities, workplaces and society at large.

There is More in Motion

At the beginning of 2018, a friend invited me to attend Colour Conference. We flew down to Sydney together and came back with a newfound love and passion for Jesus. My family and I then decided to attend an Easter service at Hillsong Brisbane. It was so packed that we were outside on the lawn in the overflow section. The MC was talking about Pastor Brian’s new book ‘There is More’ and gave it out to people in the congregation at random, with one of those recipients being me! This book has completely changed our lives. I read it three times straight through and placed post-it notes around our house with quotes from it to encourage and inspire myself and others. I discovered a new sense of identity and purpose; we found a church to call ‘home’ and a place where we can all belong.

One of our sons has Asperger’s Syndrome and had previously found any environment with crowds and loud noise too confronting; however, through the amazing Treasure Chest program on offer, he now feels safe, accepted and loved, and my husband and I have been able to sit in a church service together for the first time in seven years! We love being a part of Hillsong Church and it’s where we see our family planted so they can grow and flourish in life.


Conference Impact

Our annual conferences form a fundamental part of our mission to equip, empower and release people to excel in life. We seek to create environments filled with encouragement, inspiration, practical tools and support to assist people along their journeys and move from strength to strength. Stories like Jessica’s showcase the ripple effect that a moment in one of these environments can have and the lasting impact not only on individuals, but their families and communities as well.

Olivia Gunek,
Conference Registrations Manager (Australia)


[5] “Benefits of Lifelong Learning” (2012) Marjan Laal, accessed 1st May 2019