4 Spiritual Foundations for Every Teenager

30 сент 2019

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Lately, I’ve felt really convicted that God wants to bring revival into the spiritual lives of teenagers. With Encounterfest just a week away, I’m believing that we are going to see this take place! We intentionally craft Encounterfest in a way that leaves space for the Holy Spirit to speak to young people and I’m praying that God will use that time to build and establish strong spiritual foundations in our teenagers.

Four specific spiritual foundations, that I feel in my heart, God wants to revive in every teenager are:


In a world where our teenagers constantly being bombarded by different messages, it is so important that they learn to lift up their eyes and focus on God. I have such a desire to see teenagers develop a healthy prayer life, where they can truly learn to depend and lean on God and surrender everything to him! Encounterfest creates an incredible environment for the Holy Spirit to teach young people about this dependency.


We want our teenagers to know God in a deep and personal way, so that He can guide and shape their lives. And in order for this to happen, it’s fundamental that our teenagers learn how to read their bible regularly and personally. This is a habit I’m believing to instil in our young people now, while they are still young, to set them up well for the rest of their lives!


No one is meant to do life alone! We are created for community! Some of the most significant moments in my life occurred in an RDG (Radical Discipleship Group). Encounterfest creates the space for friendships in RDG’s to be strengthened and deepened, which allows your teenager to feel supported in their journey and walk with God.


We want to see our schools saved!! There’s something so powerful about a young person’s testimony and year after year, I’ve seen the way God calls out the desire to evangelise in our young people. The theme of this year’s Encounterfest is MOVERS, MAKERS, SHAKERS and that’s what I’m believing- that God would call out the next generation of movers, makers and shakers!

I really want to see the best for your teenager!! I’m praying and believing that Encounterfest would be the time that cements these spiritual foundations in your teenager, that sets them on the right trajectory for the rest of their life!

Encounterfest is taking place all around Australia, to register and find out more visit hil.so/encounterfest

With love,
Peter Toggs