Trust the Signs, Ask R U OK?

11 сент 2019

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This year R U OK? Day is encouraging everyone to Trust the Signs, Trust your Gut & Ask R U OK?

Our days are often busy and filled with multiple tasks. We don’t always take time to pause and really notice the people around us, or when we do notice someone in our world is not their usual cheerful self, or appears to be distracted, it remains a fleeting thought, as we rush off to our next meeting or appointment.

The national R U OK? Day on Thursday 12 September is an annual reminder to pause, pay attention to the people around us and have chats to check in on how they are going. An intentional conversation can make a positive impact on someone going through a difficult time. To help us identify these signs, R U OK? Day have provided these helpful tips:


Do they seem:

o   Confused or irrational

o   Moody

o   Unable to switch off

o   Lonely or lacking self-esteem

o   Concerned they’re a burden

o   Concerned about the future

o   Concerned they’re trapped or in pain


Are they:

o   Experiencing mood swings

o   Becoming withdrawn

o   Changing their online behaviour

o   Losing interest in what they used to love

o   Unable to concentrate

o   Less interested in their appearance and personal hygiene

o   Behaving recklessly

o   Changing their sleep patterns


Are they experiencing:

o   Relationship issues

o   Major health issues

o   Work pressure or constant stress

o   Financial difficulty

o   Loss of someone or something they care about

Are you willing to be interruptible? If you knew what a big difference it would make to their day, would you stop and ask how they are doing? Whether it is a family member, work colleague, school mate, or a friend make the time to let them know, that someone sees and cares enough to start an R U OK conversation.

If you have observed the above signs and behaviour, please don’t ignore it and make the time to ask, “Are you ok”?