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Answering all your Questions about WCC Online

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Our Worship & Creative Conference in 2021 is exclusively ONLINE for the first time ever this year. I don’t think we can accurately describe just how excited we are about it and can’t wait for you to join us!

But with anything new, we know that you’ve probably got a few questions about it. Sooo we thought we’d answer some of the questions you’ve been asking us!

If we haven’t answered your question, pop it in the comments at the bottom, and we’ll be happy to answer it!


I’ve loved being at WCC in the room. What’s online going to be like?

Fair question. How did our parents feel about the internet in the 90s? If WCC Online is new to you, we think you’re gonna loooooove it! Imagine all your favourites (Cass, Brooke, Taya, Laura, Reuben, etc), speaking directly to you, almost like they’re at your kitchen table. We couldn’t get Jedi holograms, but we think WCC Online might be the next best thing.

In all seriousness, if you love knowing the details, you’ll be glad to know that WCC will be a 24-hour non-stop conference hosted from our Hillsong locations around the world. Then, you’ll have til the end of November to watch the parts you missed (or re-watch your favourite bits). There’s plenty of brand-new sessions to look forward to (The Kitchen Bench with Ben & Karalee Fielding, Latin America Hour, These Same Skies album premier & more), as well as some WCC classics, like brand new “Artists Still Live Here”, Hillsong Creative Podcast, and of course, M I D N I G H T  M A S S I V E !


I’m sure gonna miss sitting with my people. What can I do about my FOMO?

If you’re an introvert (like some of us), this might be your favourite WCC ever cuz you can join all the fun from your lounge room, without ever turning your camera on 😝. If you’re an extrovert (like some of us *cough* CASS *cough*), why not gather your team & some friends for a watch party (following your local health guidelines, of course!)? We will be looking for you in the chat, bring your questions, engage with us, get your 🙌’s warmed up & ready for Midnight Massive… we’ll be there for all 24-hours (we’ve already stocked up on Red Bulls), so come ready to be surprised and delighted in the most unexpected of ways!


A 24-hour online conference sounds amazing, but I don’t know if I can get the day off work, ya know?

You’re such a diligent worker! 👏🏾 Listen, this live online event definitely won’t be the same without you, BUT you’ll have the whole conference on demand til November 30th.  (That’s more than 3 weeks to watch it in your trackies with your feet up). Plus, there’s more than 20 exclusive masterclasses on top of the 24-hour conference. So really, you can cancel Netflix for the month and just binge WCC!


What masterclasses are there gonna be?

Soooo glad you asked!

Here’s just a sample of them …

  • Creativity & Innovation with Cass, Gabe, Ben, & more
  • Worship Leading & Singing with Jad, Taya, Dee & more
  • Leadership & Pastoring with Cass, Rich, Annie & more
  • Six different musician masterclasses with Nige, Auts, Matt Tenni, PJ, Harri & more
  • Creative tech, production, online services, film making, visual design & more

We keep saying “& more”. That’s a bit embarrassing. I guess what we’re trying to say is there are SO many masterclasses, we dare you to watch them all!


What about Midnight Massive?

This is the first year that Midnight Massive will be part of WCC Online!!!  It’s kinda a secret, but we can give you a few sneak peeks (it’s ok, we asked Cass). It’ll be live (of course) and will include some new songs & powerful worship from all your favourites (we’re looking at you Taya, Jad, Pappas, Ware, Hannah 😉).

A wise person once said, “I got a feeling it’s gonna get rowdy”. Challenge accepted.


I’m not part of the worship or creative team, can I still come?

YES !!!!! We’re alllll creatives, whether you can paint or dance or sing (or just sing in the shower when no one’s listening, but actually your roommate just got home and has heard you belting Never Walk Alone with your shower head as a microphone) … wait, where were we?  Oh yeah. The Bible tells us we’re all made in the image of our Creator God, so this conference is to stir the creative spirit in ALL of us!

On top of some helpful masterclasses about worship, devotion & transformation, innovation & creativity, there’s also some incredible sessions like a special “Café Theology” with Terry Crist, an incredible message with Sam Collier, and “The Kitchen Bench” with Ben & Karalee Fielding.


 No hablo inglés muy bien …

Another exciting first for WCC: we’ve got a whole hour of conference in Spanish & Portuguese!!  And as much as we all love subtitles, we’re not talking about that. We mean the entire session is hosted by our Latin America team, including Chris Mendez, Toni Romero, & more! Don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese?  Better get your Duolingo on, for extra points!


Can I get together with some friends and watch it together?

YES!!! Why not organise a weekend watch party (don’t forget to check your local health guidelines 😁)! And remember to register, or you’ll miss out on the (literally) hours and hours and hours of on-demand content that’s available til the end of November. Like, hooooouurs of binging WCC.