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God the Holy Spirit is always with you.

3 авг 2022

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In Luke 24:13-32 we read the account of the two disciples on the day of Jesus resurrection  travelling the 17 mile stretch of road between Jerusalem and Emmaus. As they walked we find them reflecting on the last few days covering Jesus crucifixion and burial. Not having seen their risen Lord there remains confusion and uncertainty as reflected by their preoccupation with sorrow and disappointment. Jesus joins them at this time and for whatever reason God caused them not to recognise Him and it remained that way the entire journey as Jesus proceeded to question their state of mind and ignorance of the scriptures. It wasn’t until later when Jesus joined them for a meal and He broke the bread that they recognised Him. I share this bible account because to me it highlights a fundamental failing for many believers today and I include myself as I reflect on my life as a long term faith filled believer. The disciples were yet to be indwelt by the Holy Spirit for Jesus had not yet ascended to the Father. They had been with Jesus but He was yet to be in them; a promise we read about in John 14:17-21. As believers we are Holy Spirit indwelt but for many it ends there. I walk most mornings and use this time to think and pray and it is often during these times that God (Holy Spirit) will speak to me. If you follow me on Instagram you will find me sharing these thoughts as stories. One particular morning I was reflecting on the words of a Hillsong worship song

Every hour

Every minute

You have always been there

You are faithful

And you always will be

As a young boy I invited Jesus into my life but only as I have grown spiritually have I fully come to appreciate the enormity of that decision. It was at that very point that Jesus entered my life as the Holy Spirit and He has never left me. Unlike the disciples on the Emmaus Rd who walked with Jesus but didn’t recognise Him we are indwelt with the Holy Spirit. We know about Him, we sing the songs, we engage in enthusiastic times of group prayer but do we really know Him? Do we sense the Holy spirit’s presence throughout our day? When we reflect on the very reason for Jesus life, suffering, death, resurrection and ascension we need to appreciate that it was that He might come to indwell and empower us to live the life God has called each of us to. We are all uniquely purposed and we need to engage daily with the Holy Spirit. I acknowledge Him every day as my Senior Partner and I invite you to do the same. Only then will we experience His empowerment and direction.


Tony Crocker