Tembaletu School Update

Apr 27 2012

Well, I am sitting here in Hillsong House – that is, the accommodation that we built as a church for the kids of Tembaletu School for physically handicapped children in Cape Town.

It has been an awesome journey for the last two years watching a partnership form through our Heart for the House Offering and the Hillsong Africa Foundation.

Two years ago we became aware of the immense need for accommodation for these young kids, we shared the need with our church family and they responded with overwhelming generosity. The first year we were able to build the facility and last year we have been able to fund the program here, including full time care givers, meals and everything that comes with housing 40 students full time.

Well, you would not believe the way the kids responded to me and some of our Kingdom Builders as we arrived! They were so pumped to see us and we were also so pumped to see them.

One particular kid that I have been able to connect with is Anathi. He is a champion and he's been asking the team to tell me to come back (I have no idea if he realizes the journey it takes to get here from Sydney, but even if he did, the smile he gave me when I walked in the room was worth every minute).

Tembaletu School: Hillsong CollectedTembaletu School: Hillsong Collected
Tembaletu School: Hillsong CollectedTembaletu School: Hillsong Collected

All of these kids are special and when I first came here I got the vibe that they saw us as spectators – people who have come to observe their need. Yet, the change from that initial visit three years ago is amazing. Today, the children see us as family, and the team from Cape Town are on the ground here in Tembaletu every week and have an open door into the school.

It's a pretty timely visit for me to be here as my family and I are preparing our hearts and faith for this years Heart for the House Sunday. It inspires me to turn over every stone and make sure we are doing all that we can do to change the lives of individuals everywhere.

This project is just one of the many things that we will be supporting this year and the difference that our whole church makes by sacrificing what we can, is simply stunning. It is genuinely life-changing stuff for the generations to come.

If you are a part of our Hillsong Foundation, I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all that you are doing to continue to help people in very needy situations.

We can't do everything, but we must do something.

Darren Kitto
Hillsong Church

For more information about the Tembaletu Project and how you can get involved, please visit hillsongafrica.com/temba