Right Side Up

Jun 15 2012

Over the past few weeks I have really been meditating on our Heart for the House weekend that is almost upon us. When I think about it I can’t help but smile!! Who would have thought that ‘giving’ and the opportunity to be generous would bring such excitement, enthusiasm and passion to my heart!

See, just over 12 years ago all I would think about was myself, and the things ‘I’ wanted, the places ‘I’ wanted to go to and the things ‘I’ wanted to buy. I was a young business owner who didn’t know Jesus, and had no purpose in my life. So everything about me was focussed on myself. I would cringe at the thought of giving something away that was mine… but then I met JESUS.

Often I hear people say that Jesus turns your life upside down, but I like to say that Jesus turned my life ‘right side up’. For so many years now, as I have kept my eyes focussed on Jesus, He has kept my eyes focussed on others.

I will never forget the opportunity I had in January 2008 to visit Isaac, who is one of the children that we sponsor as a family. Isaac lives in a remote village in Kasese, Uganda. Together with my beautiful wife, we wanted to be a blessing to Isaac and his family. So we bought them a few chickens and two goats so that they could sell the chicken eggs and goat’s milk in the local market to earn an income. I was so excited about giving them the animals as a gift! I was totally surprised that when I gave Isaac’s mum the animals she smiled and said thank you, and then ran into their small mud home. She came running out with a huge smile as she had a ladies handbag and a hat in her hand that she had made out of straw. She gave it to me as a gift for my wife and I, and she was so excited about giving those gifts to me! Her smile when giving me those gifts was twice the size of the smile she had when I gave her the animals. Was she ungrateful? NOT AT ALL!! She was just so excited about the fact she had an opportunity to give! At that moment I felt God speak to me and say, “It is more blessed to give, than to receive”.

Isaac’s mum taught me a huge lesson that day: regardless of whether you have a little or a lot, ‘giving’ and being generous is something that we can all do, and it will bring joy to our hearts.

Through our Heart for the House weekend, as a church, we will be able to help disabled Children in Cape Town, feed and educate children in Mumbai, plant churches in different parts of the world, and strengthen our church here in Australia through facilities that will ensure that the next generation have a place to call home. Knowing all of this, my heart can’t help but leap with excitement! We as a church family get to give and be part of this Holy moment. Everything in me can’t wait for that moment to hurry up and happen!