A Blanket Warms The Heart

Jul 23 2012

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed toward our “Gift of Warmth” drive for blankets, sleeping bags, gloves, beanies and scarves during Hillsong Conference!

We have a story to share from one of our key volunteers who leads one of our City Campus Street Teams that reach out to rough sleepers on the streets of Sydney.

This is Greg’s story:

“I have been going out to Martin Place for a year and a half now and there was one fellow last year who was always really stand-offish with us when we approached him, so we never got to know his name.

However, others were more engaging and every Thursday we kept going back and just hanging out and connecting with the group. On some of our visits we would take blankets and share them with everyone.

At the start of this year I was surprised that this same guy whom I hadn’t seen for a while approached me. He came to tell me that he had been on drugs and alcohol for ages, and that he was now clean for about three months.

He said he used to look down on us when we would come over for our visits, but he came back to thank us because he never forgot how one night we had given him a blanket.

It’s cool to know that even when people may not appear responsive the gift of a blanket made an impact for someone at his lowest point.”
Jason Allen

Hillsong CityCare

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