The Power Of Connection

Aug 15 2012

National Homeless Person’s Week has come and gone, highlighting that homelessness is an increasing problem in our nation.

In our journey we have found that the real answer lies with everyone in the community, playing their part to make a difference by building relationships on the ground, touching one life at a time.

We have Street Teams who go out on a weekly basis to meet people where they are at, whether it is a local neighbour with no family or friends, a resident of a nursing home or refuge, or a rough sleeper out on the streets or parks. Our teams show up every week just to listen and connect with our community.

Street Teams simply understand the power of connection, and how it brings healing and restoration to those just wanting someone to care. One such life that was touched is Gerard. This is his story:

“I was running away from my problems, so a park bench in Western Sydney was my home for about four months. It was in this season of my life that I came across members of the Street Teams that came out to my local park on a Thursday night.

They began to build relationship with me and over the course of a few months I started connecting with various people from church life. This group of people played a key part in helping me begin the process of healing and moving to a place where I was able to confront my problems and move forward. I was able to get myself off the streets and into housing. Over the past three years I have been an active volunteer for Hillsong CityCare, who mobilise Street Teams. I volunteer because I can see the good that comes from assisting people seeking help and wanting a sense of self-worth and community.”

Street Teams is only possible because of our amazing volunteers who are passionate and committed to making a difference in the lives of the people in their communities.

Jason Allen
Hillsong CityCare

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