A Tote for Hope

Jul 11 2013

Hi all,

When I was in Capetown for Colour, Jo and the girls from Germany presented me with this cute tote (see above image) made from the Colour calico envelopes that the invitation originally came in. They decided to not only enjoy them themselves but to be industrious for the cause. Read this and be encouraged that with a little ingenuity we can all make a difference in the world. The 500 PROJECT they were raising awareness and finance for was for The A21 Campaign.


A Tote for Hope

One of my favourite things about our Colour Your World Conference and the message of Sisterhood is the creativity it draws out of people.

The imagery, the atmosphere, the presentation, the Word, all creating an opportunity for a deep personal revelation of who we are, the times we have been born into, and the plan and cause for which we exist to fulfil.

It stirs people to think out of the box. It moves people to look beyond themselves and see a world in need of women who are willing to be the change. It lifts eyes to see what time and talent each individual does have, and invites us all to take that and turn it into solution. There are so many stories of everyday ordinary women, who in my opinion are champion world changers, by simply doing what they can with what they have. Here’s something that one of the girls in our church created out of part of our last Colour Invitation to raise money for her 500 Project. I think its super cute! Maybe you want to have a go too?

Joanna Haverkamp
(Hillsong Germany Lead Pastor)

Click here to download a copy of the PDF

Colour Conference Tote Bag: Hillsong Collected

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