500 Project: Beautiful Feet

Aug 14 2013

One of the amazing privileges we have is receiving testimonies about the incredible things that God is doing through His women across the globe. Jenny’s testimony is one of the ones that stood out this year. What we loved about it most was that each of the girls that contributed simply used what was in their hand. I hope that you enjoy this story and are encouraged by what we are able to do when we put our hands up to be used by God.

Love Bobbie

PS: We have deliberately left out the names and amounts because a major part of this project was what they could accomplish together and so there was no focus on what each individual accomplished.

500 Project: Beautiful Feet

Dear Colour Team

In 2012 I sat at Colour and with great anticipation to hear the ever familiar God whisper that I knew would come as Bobbie shared her heart once again for the Colour Sisterhood during the Sisterhood session. I am always moved emotionally but also committed to taking what God stirs in my heart back to my local church.

Last year (2012) The $500 Project was launched and as I listened I could easily have played my part by filling in the commitment form and committing to giving my $500 to this cause over the next year. But the Colour Sisterhood has done a great job of helping us see that it is not what we do on our own, but what we do together that counts, and as a pastor I knew God wanted more than what I would give.

Colour Conference: Hillsong CollectedColour Conference: Hillsong Collected

So…I took my paperwork and Bobbie's vision and planned a night with my own girls called ‘Beautiful Feet’ based on the scripture 'How Beautiful the feet of those who bring good news'. It was for my local girls to simply listen to my (Bobbie's) vision and commission them to use their feet to serve her vision. At the end of the night they were given a Samaritan's Purse box already beautifully wrapped to be filled with gifts for Operation Christmas Child. In the box was a list of projects they could give to – some local, some global and some of the $500 Projects listed on your website and a $500 Project tin. My project of choice was A21, but there were several others for the women to choose.

To be honest I didn't expect a lot because I know that this whisper is going to take some time to be heard. I also didn't care if they raised $20 or the full $500 because I knew together we could do something greater than just putting our token amount in an offering. Our church is a giving church and there are so many projects and charities that they support globally and locally already, so asking them to go beyond this is a challenge.

Our Beautiful Feet event was back in May 2012 and they were given until the end of February to get their tins to the bank so that we could send a report in. Some of the money took a little longer.
Our $500 Project report is this:

At the end of August 2012 we sent off more than 100 shoeboxes to Samaritan's purse for Operation Christmas Child.

A number of women sent their money directly to Colour Sisterhood for tax purposes so this amount is not included in our final count, however last Friday I got a text to tell me that there was over $10,000 sitting in our $500 Project account waiting to be distributed, and this does not count the money that was sent directly. The women were asked not to approach church people, but to use their family, school and work connections and the gifts they have to see what they could do. If I had given my $500, I would have felt good, but Heaven is looking to bless what we are willing to do together.

Some of the ways that the girls raised funds:

• Two artists sold paintings which raised money. 
• One lady did a 50K endurance walk to fund suicide prevention.
• A business woman set up a fund on her website to raise funds for a children’s community centre in Bali.
• One lady realised she didn’t have any time so made a personal donation
• One lady asked her colleagues at work and had the funds donated in one day.
• One lady lost her husband unexpectedly and made A21 the charity of choice at the funeral and raised her commitment.
• One lady wrote to the local newspaper about the problem of human trafficking.
• Another woman asked her family to all put all of their $2 coins into the tin.
• Someone else cleaned windows for her neighbours and friends over 2 weeks.
• One lady saved the money she normally spent at the hairdresser for 6 months.

Colour Sisterhood 500 Project: Hillsong CollectedColour Sisterhood 500 Project: Hillsong Collected
Colour Sisterhood 500 Project: Hillsong CollectedColour Sisterhood 500 Project: Hillsong Collected

Most of these girls have never sat in a Colour Conference, or felt the emotional pull of what takes place in those incredible Sisterhood meetings. They have never felt the passion of thousands of women gathered to worship, but have still caught the vision and heard the God-whisper.

I was unable to get to Colour this year, but am excited that several of the girls who went are going simply because they have already captured the heart of the Colour Sisterhood and are already a part of the movement, and are now wanting to see what it is they have fallen in love with and risen to the challenge for.

So next week Colour will receive a donation for A21 to be split between the projects. But this donation is only a small part of what we have given though The $500 project. Colour Sisterhood will receive a contribution from a handful of women who have heard the God-whisper, but never even heard Bobbie Houston or Christine Caine speak, but simply had obedient hearts. The sound of change is being heard. There will be women at Colour Conference next year who have never been to conference, but are already part of the movement because the whisper is being heard beyond the walls of the conference context.

We are expectant about the ripple effects of all that takes place around the earth as a result of me positioning myself to hear on their behalf. Thank you for working hard behind the scenes to help us with the logistics of Be The Change.

I signed up to give $500, but together we are donating over $15,000 to various courses around the globe. This week a portion of that will be deposited to two A21 projects totalling $10,787.71. I hope this is an encouragement to those who work tirelessly behind the scenes, walking out the vision of Colour so that we can play our part.


Ps Jenny Mazey

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