Riding for Freedom

Sep 30 2013

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The contrast of what this photo represents still moves me every time I see it. The little girl in the photo is loved. She is valued and believed in. She knows the warmth and protection of a family that wants the best for her life. The future through her eyes is bright and exciting.

This is how ALL girls should grow up! 
This is how EVERY girl should be treated.

The heartbreaking reality is so many girls, young and old across the world are living the polar opposite of the life that this little girl knows.

They are kept as slaves, abused in every sense of the word, tortured and treated like animals. Human trafficking in my opinion is the most heinous crime our world is facing. And the enormity of its reach is overwhelming to say the least.

It makes me sick, it makes me angry and it needs to stop! Which is exactly why my husband (pictured above) is raising awareness and funds to help bring solution to the horrific evil through the #a21freedomchallenge.

They are embarking on an eleven-day ride from Bulgaria to London spanning 1250km!!!! I know! I'm exhausted even thinking about it!

I feel so blessed that we are part of a church that is always willing to be a part of the solution, even if it's overwhelming. We have been taught that we can't do everything, but we must do something! So we have committed to continue to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

To say I'm proud of my husband would be a huge understatement. I've watched him for the past twelve months make personal sacrifice in his own life, train and ride even when he doesn't feel like it. I have watched him commit to an ongoing journey of raising funds and awareness about The A21 Campaign and all that they are doing to help bring solution to this global epidemic.

All my love,

For more information on how you can support Ben on the A21 Freedom Challenge please visit thea21campaign.org/cycle/fundraising