Ben Houston Ride for Freedom: Day 4

Oct 10 2013

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 At 10.35.09 AM

Distance: 153 km
Average Speed: 32.8 km/h
Max H/R: 179 bpm
Average H/R: 140 bpm
Ascent: 1109 m
Calories: 2635
Total Distance: 473 km

It… was…. a…. big…. day…. !!!

It was our longest ride of the trip so far, but we also climbed higher than any other day so far. It was a really great day of riding and felt great to get through it.

We started in Budapest, which is an AMAZING city! I feel I'm being so repetitive, but at the same time I am so enamoured by these places we are going through. It really is a magnificent city.

We had an awareness event in a major square in Budapest and then had a full on police escort out of the city. We felt like royalty, except the fact we were in Lycra and on bikes…

We came straight out of the city and straight into a massive climb. The hill just kept on going and didn't stop! It was so nice to finally get to the top, but it was a quick drop down before we started going up again…. And again….

After about 70kms the road flattened out again and the pace picked up. We sat on close to 40km/hr for the rest of the ride & the pace picked up to over 50km/h for the last 10kms. The boys dropped me with a couple kilometres to go and hit speeds over 70km/h to the finish point. I was feeling great at the time, but the moment we stopped I discovered the ferocity of lactic acid!

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 At 10.35.28 AM

When we reached Gyor, we loaded in the car and transferred to Vienna, Austria. We had time for a quick shower and change before a few of us headed to a great church here. They pulled together a great crowd and there was a lot of life and excitement.

Just to brag on the people doing this ride for a moment, I could not be prouder of every one of them and their commitment and enthusiasm to this whole Freedom Challenge. The rides in and of themselves have been enormous and extremely challenging, but every chance and opportunity to raise awareness 'off the bike' has been taken with full dedication.

Press conferences, interviews, schools, anti-trafficking events, church services, performances, etc. No matter what it is, our team are giving 100% and are truly getting word out about the realities of human slavery and exploitation. My personal favourite part is that there are people we are speaking to that are making decisions to follow Jesus!

It's been so good to see the power of awareness. The moment people hear about it, the moment it all sinks in, there is almost an urgency to want to be part of the solution.

We aim to raise finances that will enable The A21 Campaign to move forward in practically freeing and restoring victims. But the power of simply getting word out is being seen. I believe simple awareness is a huge portion of the solution.

Thanks for all of your prayers. Thanks to those who have supported financially. If you have the ability to at all no matter how big or small, please do at I would love your support as we fight to make a difference in the lives of those trapped in this evil reality of slavery.

Much love


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