Ben Houston Ride for Freedom: Day 8

Oct 14 2013

Distance: 145 kms
Average speed: 30.2 km/h
Max speed: 76 km/h
Average H/R: 128 bpm
Max H/R: 174 bpm
Ascent: 1355 m
Calories: 2401
Total Distance: 906 kms

Day eight of the A21 Freedom challenge was a great day… I hated 99.9% of it!

We started early out of the hotel to transfer to the starting point for the day. And as sore as I was yesterday, I am somehow progressing into new depths of pain. I couldn’t even imagine that my legs, backside and wrists could ever be this sore.

When we started pedaling it was wet and cold. It felt like we were riding through mud and dragging a cart full of schnitzel. 3.08 kms in I literally thought I was going to have to stop. The whole first half of the ride felt a bit this way and when we finally reached the 75km mark. I could not fathom that we were only half way.

Germany is absolutely beautiful, and we rode through dark forests with black tree trunks and stunning leaves of green, gold, and red. Then we would emerge into wide-open farms with rolling hills as far as the eye could see. Every 20 kms or so we would pass through villages with the smell of a warm fire – pretty much kicking me while I was down!

To be doing this in October seemed crazy through the snow of the Alps, but you can’t get much better than Europe in Autumn/Fall. It has been gorgeous and I know I will look back at this with the best memories.

Ben Houston A21 Freedom Challenge: Hillsong Collected
Ben Houston A21 Freedom Challenge: Hillsong Collected
Ben Houston A21 Freedom Challenge: Hillsong Collected

The second half of the ride I really loosened up and got into a great rhythm. We got a solid pace going and got through the miles. Riding into Frankfurt was one of my highlights. We made our way on to a small bike track that led through the trees and to the river. Then as the sun was setting we rode along the river to the city. It was incredible!

A few of the girls from our church Hillsong Germany came and welcomed us into Frankfurt, which was so nice. If you’re reading this – sorry for making you wait so long! There was a little bit of media and then we got to chill for the night.

As I was going to bed I was thinking a lot about my mum. She has been one of my greatest encouragers everyday of this challenge, and pretty much everyday of my life. It was her that inspired me to initially commit to this challenge.

The girls from our Hillsong Church here in Germany drove four hours to welcome us, give us chocolate and then drive four hours home. These girls are in the early stages of fighting the injustice of trafficking and exploitation here in Germany with The A21 Campaign.

There are so many like this in the body of Christ who are stepping out, doing whatever they can to live beyond themselves. So much of this has been birthed out of the ‘Colour Sisterhood’, our women’s conference that my mum hosts every year. They continually highlight so much of the poverty, hurt, and injustice in our world, then inspire women to rise up and make a difference.

I want to encourage you to do the same. Rise up and make a difference. I want to speak in particular to the men. It is predominantly the lustful desires of men that fuel the trafficking of women and children as sex slaves. But it’s time for all of us to stand up and be activists and prayer warriors to fight the injustices of this world.

You up for the challenge???

Much love


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