Ben Houston Ride for Freedom: Travel Day

Oct 3 2013

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I am currently sitting in the airport in Dubai. I’m on my way from Sydney to Bulgaria. It’s crazy that this trip is finally here.

It was almost 15 months ago that I first heard about this A21 Freedom Challenge. Nick & Chris Caine were talking about it and expressing their desire for someone from our church to be involved. Even though I had never been on a bike like this before, it excited me and I thought it was something I may be able to do.

The past 12 months have been crazy. I couldn’t tell you how many mornings I have woken up to train well before the sun did. Put in countless hours on the bike preparing & building toward this. Lucille and the family have been so releasing; in the midst of our craziest season to date; allowing me to be gone for hours and hours morning after morning while she did the whole routine with getting the kids up and ready for the day.

But now we are here… on the eve of this incredible challenge. I am nervous, I am excited, I am not exactly sure what toI guess as I sit here in this terminal the over-shadowing thought in all of this is the enormity of the bike ride… but I cannot disconnect from the REASON that I am doing this.

The A21 Campaign is an incredible organisation that I believe is really making a difference in the area of human trafficking. It astounds me that in our world today there are approximately 27 MILLION human slaves across the world. And it breaks my heart to think particularly about those trapped in the sex trade.

People, real people, no different to my wife or my daughters, kidnapped, stolen, brutalized, tortured, raped, over and over and over again. Even the thought of the physical, mental, emotional abuse these girls are drowned in almost 24/7 is sickening!

I wonder what they close their eyes and dream about? I wonder what their sense of (or lack of) hope is? I wonder what their prayers are?

Words cannot express how grateful to God I am for the life I have. So blessed! But in that I can NOT just keep going through the motions of every day. I can’t just sit and do nothing while others suffer so much.

Part of me wonders how this even helps?! But I do believe in The A21 Campaign. I believe that by raising awareness of the evil that is human trafficking, and by raising finances to support them, that we can make a difference!

In all the times I have wanted to give up I bring it back to the ONE individual. The ONE young girl trapped in this unthinkable darkness… if what I do can help rescue her, help show her there are men that actually care, help free her, help restore her, help her discover a loving Saviour that gave ALL for her…

Then I am ALL IN. It’s all worth it!

LORD – I pray for your hand over our whole team as we step out for this A21 Freedom Challenge. Thank you for safety and protection. Thank you for your blessing over those who are supporting us. I pray for our families at home, that you be with them while we are away. And Lord, I pray for all those people out there trapped in slavery right now, bring freedom in the mighty name of JESUS. Amen

Much love.


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