Inspire Greatness (2013 Nobel Peace Prize)

Oct 12 2013

We are all worthy of “noble” response. However response is not possible without awareness – and awareness is of no effect without action. Therefore any person who extends him or herself for the betterment of another is a champion in my eyes.

Our beloved friend Shanelle Hall (who works with UNICEF) posted an Instagram highlighting one of this year’s “Nobel Peace Prize” nominees. It moved my heart of course. I loathe injustice of any kind, but especially injustice against God’s precious daughters. I handed my phone to Brian as we sat at lunch in the sweet California sunshine (we are here for the USA Hillsong Conferences) and then I watched my husbands face grimace as he read of the “noble” response of this one man in Congo, Africa.

I asked Shanelle to highlight this historic award and to share with us two of the nominees. MOST of us may never be nominated for such a prize – but ALL OF US can develop and heighten our heart to care. My hope with this blog post is that you will awaken yet again to a world that is not perfect, and to a world that needs good to prevail. As famously once said, “all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”. Therefore I pray that “goodness” will rise in our hearts and endeavors and that together we will bring hope to others.

Here is what Shanelle sent me. Be informed and inspired:

“Hi Bobbie,

The prize has been awarded annually since 1901 and is considered to be the world’s most prestigious prize. It’s timely because the Nobel Peace Prize winner will be announced today.

There are several hundred nominees. My favorites are the nominees that are known for meeting a need in their community or by speaking out against an issue in their community. In the case of Denis and Malala, speaking out resulted in assassination attempts on their lives. So it’s not only compassion but also courage and perseverance. The conviction they have is a mind-blowing.


Dr. Denis Mukwege, a Congolese gynecologist. He has treated several thousand women who were gang-raped by rebel forces, often performing up to 10 surgeries a day during his 18-hour working days. He’s become the world’s leading expert on how to repair the internal physical damage caused by gang rape.

He studied medicine because he wanted to heal the sick that his father prayed for. Upon returning home from speaking out at the UN on violence against women in the Congo, the rebels held his daughters hostage and their attempt to kill him left his guard dead. He fled the country and months later his community took up an offering to fly him back home, where he is today, performing surgeries. He too is a candidate for the Nobel Peace prize.

DENIS MUKWEGE:: Hillsong Collected


Malala is the Pakistani teen activist. She lives in the Swat Valley of northwest Pakistan. Her father was an activist for children and girls education. The Taliban started to deny girls education in her community so she started a blog and began speaking out against them. “Our freedom was taken from us. We could not go to market. We were not allowed to go to school. We were just kept imprisoned. We were just limited to the four walls of our house. Women’s rights were denied at that time, and that’s why I spoke.”

On the way home from school one day she was shot in the head and neck as an assassination attempt by the Taliban. It was a near fatal wound. Her father and the local doctor got her airlifted out and treated in Great Britain. She’s recovered and continues to speak out. She says she got her strength and inspiration from her father and his support for girls education. Her perspective on peace is humbling. “I used to think the Taliban would come and kill me. Then I thought, if he comes, what would I do? I told myself I would take a shoe and hit him, but then I thought if I hit a Taliban there would be no difference between the Taliban and me. We must not treat others with cruelty and harshness but through peace and dialogue. I would tell him how important education is and that I want education for his children as well. I would tell him, that’s what I want to tell you, now do what you want.”

She would be the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

MALALA YOUSAFZAI: Hillsong CollectedMALALA YOUSAFZAI: Hillsong Collected

I hope this helps. HUGS and LOVE,

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