Hillsong Conference: Love All, Serve All

The very first year I volunteered at Hillsong Conference, I was helping Darren Kitto in the JAM (now Young & Free Conference) canteen. I learned the art of frying chips to perfection, keeping meat pies at optimum serving temperature, and just how much Phil Dooley loved the memory of Sunnyboys icy poles, even in winter! While perhaps not glamorous, it was incredible to be a part of a volunteer team that was helping serve the people that had come from around Australia and the world, and were being so impacted by Hillsong Conference.

Every year the dedication of our volunteer teams continues to amaze and inspire me. Any given day at Hillsong Conference, people from every imaginable walk of life have taken time off to help make Conference great for others. Just recalling last year alone, I can remember dentists standing on doors and hosting, business owners serving people food and drinks, lawyers driving delegates to destinations, carpenters leading groups of young people, bankers creating great experiences for children, and mums helping host other new parents and make their Conference great!

It’s not just amazing that people take the time out of their lives to serve, but that they do it with such an incredible spirit. Every year the greatest feedback we receive is of people who have been so blessed by the spirit of the volunteers that have met and served them! What I love hearing though, is the stories that come back from the volunteers themselves. Somehow in the midst of all they do to serve behind the scenes, in often the least glamorous ways, they end up feeling incredibly blessed. In the midst of giving out so much, they are receiving so much more.

I’m excited for Hillsong Conference this year, with a theme like “NO OTHER NAME”, and a focus on lifting up His name, I can’t even begin to imagine what the atmosphere will be like. I also find myself excited for all who are about to volunteer, yes because it wouldn’t be possible without them, but also because they are about to be enriched through the experience!


To sign up to be a volunteer visit the Conference stand at your local Hillsong Australia campus.

Hillsong Conference 2014