Conference Reflections: How to Handle Crisis

This year’s Hillsong Conference was absolutely transformational for me. I can’t put a finger on why or exactly what, maybe simply the atmosphere when that many people passionate about Jesus are gathered in unity. One of the sessions that was particularly impacting was Pastor Brian‘s message on “How to handle crisis”. On many occasions since, I’ve found myself talking to people who were really impacted by it, and immensely grateful that Pastor Brian would so vulnerably share. It got me thinking of the many times that I have observed him leading our church through times of challenge.

Having been in our church since I was a little boy, I can clearly remember times when Pastor Brian after a service would ask church family to stay back and share openly with us about things that had happened. It wasn’t often at all, but when it had needed to happen, it was empowering. I can remember as a teenage boy hearing my senior pastor share in a way that left me feeling like I understood, and that I had answers for my friends at school or uni. It didn’t matter what stories made it to the media, what “spin” or untruths might be told in that space, I, as a young guy, who wasn’t even a leader, or a volunteer, or small group member, but who called Hillsong home, felt like I had answers before I even had questions.

From those early days till now, where I get the privilege of being a pastor on team in our church, I have seen publicly and privately the way in which Pastor Brian has lead with integrity, and a commitment to dealing with the issues in peoples lives that could be harmful to themselves or others. I watched on at Hillsong Conference as people were interviewed about the struggles that they have moved forward through, it was encouraging to think that crisis in our lives doesn’t need to take us out, that there are ways forward, that the best is yet to come.

If you haven’t had a chance to hear the session, I think you’d love it, you can get a copy here. It’s raw, and brave, and full of wisdom. And if you haven’t registered for Hillsong Conference USA this year or Sydney or Europe next year, you just wouldn’t want to miss being in the atmosphere of Hillsong Conference!