Father's Day

When I think about Father’s Day, I naturally tend to think about it as a son. I think about honouring my dad, and I think about how he hates me buying presents for him! I also think a lot about church, and about the spiritual fathers to me. This year though, I find my focus being drawn also to my opportunity to be a better father, spiritually and physically. Pastor Brian, a spiritual dad to me, recently spoke about how our values frame our future, and challenged us to see whether our values are reflected in our schedules? It was a particularly confronting thought! So this Father’s Day I want to BE a better father, it’s certainly a high value for me, so I’m looking at my schedule and what I need to include in it this year!


I asked a few dads that I respect what some of the key things have been in their schedules, and interestingly there were some similar themes that came through. Time (both quantity and quality), modeling of the virtues we want to see in our children and keeping them in environments of good company. One that stood out to me was prayer. Ian Woods said “wouldn't have been a week gone by that we didn't pray for their spouses”, and Paul Clout commented “we can worry our guts out…but if we just spent that time in prayer and handed it to God, trusting that He will look after them…”

I also had the privilege of being at a funeral today celebrating the life of MacFarlane, I was so inspired to be a better dad, and impacted by the way that small things done thousands of times over had become great things in the lives of his kids. From “I love you”, to walking the kids out every time they left. I don't know what I expected when I asked fathers what was in their schedules that worked, but no one talked about a silver bullet, or a one-time event, it wasn't a trip to Disneyland! It was the stuff of every day, and of being present in it, and is maybe a powerful lesson to learn from a time before the distractions of the smartphone. Here's to a year of being a better father, in the faith and in the natural!