It Takes A Village...

Mar 16 2015

I know this is an African proverb, but it’s full of truth and I’ve been known to quote it many times when talking to mums and dads and, to be honest – anyone who is listening!

                          “IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD”

I’m so grateful that since our first baby was born we’ve been a part of an incredible, caring community. We haven’t lived close to our natural family for the majority of our kid’s lives, but I’ve found myself in a beautiful house where God Himself feels quite at home. I’ve met a diverse group of caring and contributing individuals. Why would you want to be anywhere else!

I believe our children (who are now 19 and 17) are not perfect but great, normal, fun kids. They’re the sum total of a whole lot of little things. I’m struggling to think of one example but overwhelmed with the countless times throughout their lives where friends, and sometimes strangers, have gone above and beyond to spend time with them, take them out, just hang out, play football and simply have fun.

This, collectively, has been immeasurable in adding value to who they are and helping build character and self-esteem. It’s been a phenomenal help to me as a mum and honestly made not only my days BUT my years!

The thing that brings huge comfort and peace to my heart over the years of being a mum is knowing that I’m not doing the most challenging and rewarding part of my life alone. There will always be people around me in my church community who care and love and support us any time of day or night which then guides us to also step into someone else’s world and make their day!

Just the way, I believe God intended it to be.

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