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Hillsong College is a beautiful representation of multicultural Australia and New Zealand. As you are equipped here, you are one step closer to making an impact in your community.



Certificate IV, Diploma,  or Advanced Diploma



Bachelor of Theology



Master of Arts

Master of Theology



Brisbane or Melbourne

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Things to consider when applying


As a domestic student, there are things you should be aware of before and during the application process. Find out more info below.

Tuition Fees

As an domestic student at Hillsong College, you will pay tuition fees. How much you pay depends on what program you’re studying.

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Financial Assistance

AUSTUDY/ABSTUDY/Youth Allowance is available for our Cert IV, HLP, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate courses. Click below for more info.

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Entry Requirements

As an domestic student there are certain entry requirements that you need to fulfil for your application to be successful. Read more for more info.

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Explore the various pathways and partnerships you could pursue to study towards your undergraduate or postgraduate degree with Hillsong College.

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More Information


Some more detailed information on our policies, rules to consider, and publications and forms

Policies and Rules

Click to read our Student Handbook, codes of practice, and our academic policies and procedures.

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Pastoral Reference Form

An essential form when applying for vocational, undergraduate, and postgradaute courses.

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Hillsong College is also approved by ASQA as a provider of education to international students and is listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students.

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