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Application Guide



Applying to Hillsong College is an exciting and highly supported process. Whether you are applying for the first time, or transferring your studies, at every step we have admissions representatives dedicated to your needs.
Click an icon below to navigate through the application guide so that you feel prepared as you begin your studies.


Before you start your application

In your application, we will ask you for key information including your personal details, emergency contact and home address. It also asks what course you desire to study with us, your education and work history and your Christian life details. There are questions regarding your medical history and financial savings. The application finishes with a request for a testimony (approx. 300 words) including your salvation and involvement in church.


Please make sure that you provide a photocopy of a passport that will be valid for at least the first year of your studies.

*For Higher Education applications only – your passport needs to be certified, explanation found here.

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Please attach a current colour photograph of yourself. This can be a portrait style headshot or a clear selfie from your mobile phone.

100 AUD

Before submitting your application, you will be asked to pay the $100 AUD application fee. Your application will not be successfully submitted before this fee has been paid. You can find it at the bottom of the application once you have accepted the Disclaimer and Code of Conduct.


Complete and submit your application

When applying to study with us at Hillsong College, you must complete the online application form.

You can find the application form here.

Once you have completed all the sections on the application and attached your documents, you will pay an application fee of $100 AUD prior to pressing submit. You will receive an email from your Case Manager from the Admissions Team within the next 3-5 business days regarding your next steps. If you have not yet submitted all of the required documents, after filling out your application, you can email them to [email protected].

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Provide official documents

Once you have submitted your application you will have ongoing communication with the Admissions Team and your personal Case Manager. During this communication you will be asked to please provide specific documentation that is necessary before we are able to process your application.

A. Online Pastoral Reference Form
All our applicants must provide an Online Pastoral Reference Form completed by a leader or a pastor.

Here are important things to consider:

  • Within your application you will be asked to provide us with your leader’s or pastor’s full name and email address. Once you submit your application form, the Online Pastoral Reference form will automatically be sent out to your pastor/ leader. The pastor/ leader will click on the link sent to their email in order to complete your Online Pastoral Reference form, once completed we will receive your reference back automatically to process.
  • It is an entry requirement that you have been planted and serving at your current church for a minimum of 12 months. Therefore your Online Pastoral Reference form needs to reflect the past 12 months of your current church involvement. If you have been part of two different churches in the past 12 months, please provide your case manager with your other leader’s/ pastor’s full name and email address for us to send a second Online Pastoral Reference form to them.
  • If a leader is completing your Online Pastoral Reference form, then the leader will need to have your reference form co-signed by a pastor from your current church, this step is completed within the link as well.
  • If your pastor is a relative, please rather provide us with your leader’s full name and email address within your application form so that the leader can complete your reference for you, and it can be co-signed by the pastor who is a relative.
  • B. English Proficiency
    All our international students need to provide proof of English Proficiency if English is not their native language. You can find all different methods of providing proof here.

    C. Accept Declaration of Financial Capacity
    As part of our application process, we ask that you read and accept our Declaration of Financial Capacity to ensure you understand the financial costs that will be required when you start at Hillsong College. This is so we can ensure you are set up for a win and have a smooth transition into your first semester of College. These savings include funds for first semester tuition, flights, accommodation and living expenses, and for international applicants, this will also include Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), arranged through Hillsong College or privately, and student visa application fee.

    D. Medical Letter
    If you have a history of, or are currently experiencing, physical or mental illness we will need you to provide us with a doctor’s note. This is what needs to be outlined in the doctor’s note:

    • Explanation of your current condition
    • Mention any current medication and confirming that this is available in Australia
    • Recommendation in terms of whether patient will or will not be likely able to complete their course abroad including their study, serving and Conference responsibilities.
    • Their acknowledgement that the patient will not be covered for any pre-existing conditions but only emergency transport and care, within the first 12 months of study.
    • E. Transcripts (for Higher Education apps. only)
      Please provide us with a certified photocopy of your official transcripts. You can find requirements for a certified document here.

      Once you have submitted all required documents, your case manager will put your application forward to be processed by our Student Liaison Team. You can expect to hear from us regarding your next steps within 3-5 business days. If there is any further information we require, it will be requested at this time.

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Receive and sign offer of place

Upon approval of your application, you will be sent an email with instructions for how to view and sign your Offer of Place to study with us at Hillsong College.

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Pay initial fees

As soon as your Offer of Place is signed, you will be automatically invoiced your first semester fee and, for international applicants, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Once the full payment has been received, an international applicant will then be issued a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for their visa application.

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Receive Confirmation Of Enrolment (CoE) and apply for visa

If you have arranged your OSHC through Hillsong College, you do not need to supply an OSHC policy number on your visa application. Please indicate on the visa application that your Education Provider has arranged your OSHC and attach your CoE document to your visa application. The visa application will ask the dates of your OSHC which can be found on the CoE you have been provided.

If your visa application requests for a home address on arrival, please use our College campus address if you do not yet know your home address.

Hillsong Church, Hills Campus
1-9 Solent Circuit, Norwest, NSW, 2153

Hillsong Church, City Campus
188 Young St, Waterloo, NSW, 2017

If you have any further questions regarding your visa application, please contact the Department of Home Affairs. For Student Visa Subclass 500 Information, click here.

If you have applied for Vocational Education, you will need a student visa subclass 500 (Vocational Education Sector).
If you have applied for Higher Education, you will need a student visa subclass 500 (Higher Education Sector).

Once you have received the decision regarding your visa, please forward the email to your case manager. They will then put this in your record and may send you more important information about enrolment.

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Arrange accomodation and flights

The Accommodation Application opens approximately three months before enrolment of each semester. All applicants who have paid their fees and OSHC will be sent an email with the application as soon as it is open.
For Hills applicants, this email will clearly outline how to apply for a shuttle bus service to be picked up from the airport and brought to campus. For City applicants it will give advice regarding arranging your own transport to your specific campus as this is the cheaper option.
When you are buying your flights please keep in mind that College accommodation opens and our shuttle service becomes available around one week before enrolment. The exact date will be made known when the accommodation application opens. To see more information about College Accommodation, please click here.


Please DO NOT purchase your flights before you have received your visa. It is required to have OSHC for the entire duration of your stay in Australia. If you are arriving to Australia before your OSHC start date, please discuss with your case manager how to arrange an additional OSHC policy to cover you from the day you arrive, to the date your policy has been arranged for you.
Alternatively, inform your case manager prior to us creating an OSHC policy for you. Please also keep in mind when buying flights, the shuttle bus service for our Hills applicants is usually only an option for the week prior to enrolment.

Please DO NOT purchase your flights before you have paid your initial fees and been sent information about enrolment. Please also keep in mind when buying flights, the shuttle bus service for our Hills applicants is usually only an option for the week prior to enrolment.

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Stay connected

Stay connected with everything that is happening at Hillsong College by following us on social media!



Around two months before enrolment you will receive an invitation to a Facebook Group for your specific intake and campus so that you can start connecting with your future peers!

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Arrive on campus

For Hills applicants, if you have already told our Accommodation Team that you would like to be picked up at the Airport you will be met in the arrival hall by our friendly welcome team!

When you arrive on campus you will be met by our team at the “Welcome Lounge”. This team consist of current students and staff that will show you around, help you set up a bank account and be available to answer any questions you may have!

If you have arranged College Housing, we will then have a team of students take you to your new home!

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Attend enrolment week

A few months before enrolment you would have received all the information you need to enrol and attend orientation week. This will be a fun week of important events including evaluation for our Worship Music and Dance students, orientation where all new students meet the college staff and pastors and of course – enrolling into your course!

We at Hillsong College cannot wait to meet you!

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Need Help?


Contact us for general information or use our Future Students helpline for personal assistance in submitting your application.

For General Enquiries

+61 (02) 8853-5200

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm AEST

For Future Students
+61 (02) 8846-4790

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm AEST