Welcome Home: Hills Campus

9 October 2017

Hello! Wherever you are in the world, we wanted to send you a warm welcome from Hillsong College! Since you may be miles and miles away, we thought we would take you on a small tour to show you where to kick off your shoes, hang your hat, or find the best slice of avocado on toast.

Let’s begin!

1. Comma Café

The Comma Café, or formerly known as ‘The Western’ is “the place” to be, serving everything from burgers to batch brew – predominantly made by friends within College and church! Hang out with friends, study, or crank out those last minute assessments here! (Of course you’ll have them done sooner though ;).

2. The Convention Centre (CC)

Chances are, if you plugged “Hillsong Church Australia” into Google Maps this is where it took you – The Hills Campus Convention Centre. Don’t forget to take the classic picture on the front lawn in front of the church – all the cool kids do it!

3. The Epicentre

Around the corner, we have the newly finished, world-class Epicentre! Fully equipped with practice studios, specialised tutorial rooms, and a brand new theatre; this building was designed with you in mind! As a student, you’ll be making a lot of memories here! Click here for a video tour of the Epicentre!

4. Secret Garden

Kick your shoes off and enjoy a picnic with a view in The Secret Garden. It’s perfect for group events, getting to know people, and maybe even a few lunch dates (free tip for the guys!).

5. The Hub

The last place on our tour is the Hub! This was the original building for Hillsong Church before they outgrew its capacity. Here, you will have God-dreams birthed, hear life-changing messages, and experience God’s presence in such a powerful way in Chapel!


Our time is up for now! They say, a picture is worth a thousand words but experiencing the culture here for yourself will leave you speechless! To apply, head over to hillsong.com/college/apply and we’ll be waiting for you at the airport to welcome you home!